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FWS—Fibre with Syrup

Corn Wet Distillers Fiber and Corn Condensed Distillers Solubles

Date Issued: November 8, 2017


Fiber with Syrup, FWS is a mixed feed product obtained from mixing Corn Wet Distillers’ Fiber, obtained from the mechanical separation of fber from liquefed corn grain slurry enzymatically treated to hydrolyze starch from a process of ethanol production, with Corn Condensed Distillers’ Solubles (CDS), a product obtained through condensing the thin stillage stream derived from corn ethanol production.

Typical Results

Typical Results (2016 corn crop, n=9)

Component Dry Matter As Fed Method
Dry Matter, % 100 42.8 AOAC 930.15
Crude Protein, % 25.4 10.9 AOAC 990.03
Fat, % 7.49 3.21 AOAC 945.16
Crude Fibre, % 8.08 3.46 AOCS Ba 6a-05
ADF Fiber, % 11.5 4.92 ANKOM Tech. Method
NDF Fiber, % 34.9 14.9 Ankom Technology/ AOAC 2001.11
Ash 7.06 3.02 AOAC 942.05
TDN 82.3 35.2 Calculation
DE, Mcal/kg 1.65 0.63 Calculation
NEl, Mcal/kg 0.86 0.33 Calculation
NEm, Mcal/kg 0.89 0.34 Calculation
NEg, Mcal/kg 0.60 0.23 Calculation
Ethanol Soluble Carbohydrates, % 7.65 3.27 Colometric Method
Sulfur, % 0.86 0.37 AOAC 985.01
Phosphorus, % 1.45 0.62 AOAC 985.01

* Listed data are average values only and not considered as guarantees, expressed, or implied, nor as a condition of sale. For guaranteed specifcations refer to label.

Analytical Methods

The AFIA recommends the following methods for the major components of distillers’ grains
Component Method
Dry Matter, % NFTA or AOAC 930.15
Crude Protein, % AOAC 2001.11 or AOAC 990.03
Fat, % AOAC 945.16

Storage and Handling

FWS can be stored similarly to WDGS on a concrete floor and in open bunkers. Early results have shown ensiling to be possible for longer term storage. Minimizing surface exposure will reduce spoilage and extend shelf life.

Use and Application

FWS is highly palatable to livestock. It is a good all natural protein and energy source for ruminants. The simple sugars are a key component in combination with corn and alfalfa based Dairy rations providing an improved source of energy for rumen microbes over corn and alfalfa alone rations. FWS has been fed in commercial Dairy trials at a rate of 10 – 15% of the ration on a dry matter basis. Another advantage of FWS is the product contains a very soluble and highly fermentable fber, making this an excellent energy source for Dairy cattle. With the inclusion of FWS in Beef cattle growing and fnishing rations, the simple sugars, soluble and highly fermentable fber provide an excellent source of energy without adding additional starch, reducing the risk of rumen acidosis. Consult your nutritionist and/or veterinarian to insure the proper balance and levels of required nutrients in the animal’s complete ration.

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