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HiPro Dry

Dried Distillers’ Grains from Fiber Extracted Corn

Date Issued: September 25, 2017


HiPro Dry, Dried Distillers Grains from Fibre Extracted Corn is the feed product obtained after distillation of the ethyl alcohol from the yeast fermentation of corn. The fbre is mechanically separated from the liquifed corn grain prior to fermentation, resulting in a higher protein feed product. The coarse fraction of the whole stillage is separated by centrifugation to the specifcations listed below. The feed is rich in cereal and residual yeast proteins, energy, minerals, vitamins and growth factors. Fermentation of the starch, which is about 2/3 of the weight of cereal grains, results in a threefold concentration of non-starches such as proteins, fats, mineral and vitamins in the residual mash. In addition to these nutrients, protein, vitamins and growth factors are further synthesized by the growing yeast cells during the fermentative process. The condensed solubles are not added onto the Hi Pro DDG’s unlike traditional regular DDGS. The fat percentage level is retained from the corn kernel composition and considered to be a bound fat.

Typical Results

Typical Results – 2016 corn crop (n=16)

Component Dry Matter As Fed Method
Dry Matter, % 100 89.9 NFTA
Crude Protein, % 41.0 36.9 AOAC 990.03
Fat, % 9.71 8.73 AOAC 945.16
Crude Fibre, % 8.32 8.39 AOCS Ba 6a-05
ADF, % 16.3 14.7 ANKOM Tech. Method
NDF, % 36.4 32.8 Ankom Technology/ AOAC 2001.11
Ash, % 2.83 2.54 AOAC 942.05
TDN, % 85.3 76.7 Calculation
DE, Mcal/kg 1.71 1.53 Calculation
NEl, Mcal/kg 0.89 0.80 Calculation
NEm, Mcal/kg 0.93 0.84 Calculation
NEg, Mcal/kg 0.62 0.56 Calculation
Sulfur 0.69 0.62 AOAC 985.01
Phosphorus 0.61 0.55 AOAC 985.01

* Listed data are average values only and not considered as guarantees, expressed, or implied, nor as a condition of sale. For guaranteed specifcations refer to label.

Analytical Methods

The AFIA recommends the following methods for the major components of distillers’ grains.
Component Method
Dry Matter, % NFTA
Crude Protein, % AOAC 2001.11 or AOAC 990.03
Fat, % AOAC 945.16

Storage and Handling

HiPro Dry is handled in a manner like other dry feed bulk commodities; namely stored in free-flowing overhead bins, or some form of sheltered flat storage. The product flows easily or can be conveyed from bins, and handled by usual front-end loader technique. HiPro Dry can be combined into a total mixed ration, or top dressed and fed accordingly.

Use and Application

HiPro Dry is an excellent protein and energy source for all ruminants, and can readily comprise 15 – 20% of the total ration dry matter. In the rumen, Digestible Intake Proteins (DIP) are degraded by microbes, while the Undegradable Intake Protein (UIP) remains intact and “by-passes”, becoming available for digestion and absorption in the lower tract. Protein, which is 25% higher in HiPro Dry, is a natural protein and recognized as a feedstuff with one of the higher proportions of by-pass protein. HiPro Dry are also an excellent source of energy and other essential nutrients. Like all feedstuffs, HiPro Dry should be properly incorporated into a ration. Consult your nutritionist and/or veterinarian to insure the proper balance and levels of required nutrients in the animal’s complete ration.

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