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Investor Relations

Corporate Governance

The role of the IGPC Ethanol Inc Board of Directors includes risk management, strategic planning processes, communication with its investors, as well as standards of business conduct.  The Board is also responsible for monitoring, selecting and evaluating executive leadership and aligning management's decision-making with long-term shareholder interest.

A comprehensive description of IGPC's various policies are listed below, please click the link available.

2017 Offering Statement

2016 Offering Statement

2015 Offering Statement

2014 Offering Statement

2013 Offering Statement

2012 Offering Statement

Insider Trading Policy

Disclosure Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Trading Approval Process Disclosure

Financial Reporting Disclosure

Permanent Information Record Disclosure

IGPC Trading Rules

Glossary of Relevant Terms


We partner with Thompsons who buy all of our corn and Eco Energy who markets the ethanol.